Freedom Unfolding


Hi, I’m Kate. I am a general psychotherapist, counsellor, somatic (body) psychotherapist, meditation teacher, embodiment teacher, philosopher and breathing practitioner. I work with people anywhere in Australia and outside Australia.

I help people with:

*stuck emotions and emotional regulation *nervous system regulation and becoming more grounded *limiting thoughts and beliefs *internal conflicts *body tension patterns and ways psychological pain shows in the body *developing self-acceptance and self-confidence *relationship and communication skills *existential fears *developing inner wisdom and intuition *blocked energy and energy regulation *breath regulation *becoming embodied *learning how to meditate *personal growth *spiritual growth (if desired) *finding more inner spaciousness

Issues I can help with include:

• Anxiety, depression, difficult emotions, and ‘panic’

• Low self-esteem

• Relationship challenges and social issues

• Chronic pain and chronic fatigue

• Existential issues such as fear of death, illness, isolation, uncertainty, change,  loss, pain, freedom and choice, climate anxiety

• Lack of purpose and meaning (and fulfilment) in life and life goals

• Loneliness

• Building resilience and inspiration

• Insomnia and sleeping difficulties

• Other stress and/or emotionally-related health issues such as fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal issues, unexplained aches and pains

• Grief and loss

• Life transitions

• Your relationship with time

• Making decisions

• ‘Obsessive compulsive’ behavioural patterns

• Becoming more embodied (living in your body)

• Dealing with the impacts of the pandemic on your life

• General life challenges

• Issues that can be helped by breathing training (such as anxiety, ‘panic’, sleep quality, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, long-Covid, chronic sinus and respiratory infections, hayfever, asthma, snoring, high and low blood pressure, physical fitness)


What’s so beautiful about psychotherapy is that it opens us to increasingly greater and greater freedom as we progressively, gradually free ourselves from limitations, through a process of unfolding. Through this process we really get to know ourselves, and discover new ways of experiencing ourselves, others, and our lives.

As we tap into our inner experience, intuition and inner wisdom, we experience emotional shifts, and insights emerge. Insight into what is keeping us stuck helps us move our lives forward in more beneficial, more chosen directions. And we learn ways of healing difficult emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

I offer a gentle, safe, unjudgemental, compassionate, collaborative, personalised approach. I work to help empower you, to help you build on your strengths, gain increased calm, self-compassion, clarity and new skills, and discover new possibilities and ways of living.