About me

I love psychotherapy because of its philosophical approach, depth of wisdom, wide range of tools and ideas, creativity, openness to possibilities, and optimistic orientation towards healing and growth. I would describe myself as very curious, and as a seeker of wisdom. I embrace learning. I enjoy reading and thinking about a variety of things. I am a long-term meditator, and find psychotherapy and meditation complementary in many ways, but also different in significant ways.

To me psychotherapy is an adventure because there are always ways to grow, and things to learn. There’s always something new for us to learn about ourselves, others, and life. When we make contact with our inner wisdom, we discover beneficial, often surprising insights. I find engaging with all the different elements of psychotherapy to be truly rewarding.

I am continually, actively engaged in my own personal therapy and growth, and ongoing training and professional development. Therapy offers us many possible avenues for personal growth and for navigating the inevitable challenges of life. It has opened my perspectives on things vastly. I am more attuned to both my needs and those of others and what might be helpful in my interactions with people. Therapy has given me greater compassion and more and more ways of meeting myself and the challenges of life.

I’m a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and bound by its Code of Ethics. I’m also registered with The Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Education and training

Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy – Jansen Newman Institute

Diploma of Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (body psychotherapy) – Institute of Body Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Honours) – University of Sydney

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher

Certified Realization Process Meditation Teacher

Certified Realization Process Embodiment Teacher

Certified Realization Process Healing Ground Teacher

Certified Buteyko Method Practitioner (breathing training)

Focusing teacher and Focusing practitioner in training (3 year training completed, currently finalising certification)